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Black Ops 2 SMR Gold Rant

To those of you who like the SMR, are good with the SMR, or love the SMR: we salute you! We also think you probably should try another gun, that you would probably perform better, and you may come to

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Learn How to Quick Scope Part 2

How can I learn how to quick scope? This continues our series–where we finally tell you how to be good at quick scoping.We will break down how to quick scope into four main parts: Tools, Sequence, Timing and Repeatability. We

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Learn How to Quick Scope Part 1

The Quick Scope We have all fallen victim to the quick scope at some point. That moment when you round a corner on some idiot with a sniper rifle, far too close to be able to do something and—you die…

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Triad of Shooting For Better Kill Death Ratios

As a player, you bring three elements to every encounter you have in Call of Duty, Black Ops 2. Mastering the combination of these three elements will help you improve your kill death ratio and become a better Call of

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Improving KD Ratios at Font Sight, Nevada

A few of us have the good fortune of spending the day at Front Sight, a firearms training school in Pahrump, Nevada. We just completed day two of a four day handgun training course, and have been furiously taking notes

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Black Ops 2 Scorestreaks: Chaining

Chaining scorestreaks has been a fundamental concept of kills and points-based rewards.In Modern Warfare, killstreak reward chaining starts with selecting the right starting streak and stacking kills to the next two killstreak rewards. This was the challenging part about killstreaks,

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