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Ghosts – Post 1

I know that after a post like hibernationmode deactivated on Facebook, you probably would have expected more to come in the past month since Ghosts was released. I might try to explain my hiatus after a few posts back in

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Happy Double Weapon XP Weekend

In celebration of Double Weapon XP Weekend, we are going to put together a single playthrough of leveling up the Type-25 from 0 through max. It will probably look a lot like XBOX Ahoy’s Type-95 montage play…minus the voiceover. We

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Your Three Types of Streak

This weekend was Double XP Weekend for Black Ops 2. For some of us, it was a weekend to hit the prestige button and slog through some leveling up. For others, it was an opportunity to really nail some challenges

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The Red Zone For Feb 14

Kills Deaths Primary Mode Level KD Spread TKD 21 9 m27-AS-SP domination cargo 2.33 12 2.33 31 18 m27-AS-SP domination hijacked 1.72 13 1.93 16 18 m27-AS-SP domination hijacked 0.89 -2 1.51 12 12 m27-AS-SP domination carrier 1.00 0 1.40

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