Your Three Types of Streak

This weekend was Double XP Weekend for Black Ops 2. For some of us, it was a weekend to hit the prestige button and slog through some leveling up. For others, it was an opportunity to really nail some challenges and get gold or diamond cammo with that special weapon. Having prestiged without keeping my MSMC and M27, I experimented for 23 games with two new totally stripped down classes–MTAR and MP7. In the process, I came up with some good tips for upping your KD over time.

Below I present my 23 games from this weekend and another way to look at your trending KD ratio.

Chart of Kills + Deaths across multiple Black Ops 2 Games, all over the trending KD Ratio

How to Grow a Higher KD Ratio in Black Ops 2

The first thing you will notice looking at this series of games is that the big red bars and smaller blue bars seem to come in groups, as do the little red bars and the big blue bars. Simply put, your good games and your bad games are not isolated, but they string together into “play streaks”.

Play streaks are stretches of games that you play a certain way. It may be because you are in a good, bad or average lobby. More importantly, it is because of how you are playing and reacting to whatever situation you are in. Streaks fall into three types: good, average and bad. Average play streaks are games where your KD ratio for each game falls within +/- 10% of your career KD. Good play streaks are games where your KD ratio is 10% or higher over your career KD. Bad play streaks are, you guessed it, where your KD ratio is 10% or more below your career KD. How you treat the average, good and bad play streaks will dramatically impact how well your trending KD ratio, and your career KD ratio perform.

In coming posts, I will explain to you how to manage your play through each type of streak. Part one of 3 Types of Play Streaks should be hitting the shelves tomorrow!

Keep working on your skills. I will be.

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