Why Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies is Just What COD Zombies Needed

Exo Zombies' Lennox, Played by Bill CampbellA more suitable title for this might be “How Bill Campbell Opened My Eyes to the Joys of Zombie Slaying.” In either case, we’re talking a pretty big post title. Let’s start with the first title. COD Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies has done wonders for my zombie playint experience in the COD “world”. I’m sucked back into the storyline of zombies. So far they haven’t thrown any weird z’s into the map names to throw me off. And, perhaps most importantly, I can survive past level 10 thanks to my SUPER SUIT!

How to Use Your Advanced Warfare Exo Suit to Survive the Zombie Horde

There’s something cooler-feeling when writing about zombies–you can’t write about the 15-year-old horde in the Ranked lobbies, now, can you? But I digress… The number one advantage Advanced Warfare zombies has over any previous zombies game is verticality. Going vertical is quite possibly the best thing to hit zombies since the magic box. At least for novices like myself, whose previous experiences in zombies usually ended in a corner or a hallway somewhere, being able to boost jump up and out of danger or forward (or left, or right, or backwards) out of danger has helped me double my number of rounds survived. Well, that and watching a few others play–shoutout Mr. ROFLWaffles and YouTube in general. Aside from punching a few zombies heads off (sweet!), boost is really where it’s at. There are only a few tiny problems…

1) EMZ’s (Electro Magnetic Zombies)

When struck by an EMZ, or when in the vicinity of a EMZ’s pulse, your exo suit is forced to reboot. It has become one of my least favorite HUD indicators. I only really notice it after the initial moment of panic. Does that last quarter seem to take as long as the first three to recharge to anyone else? So yes, definitely, EMZ zombies are not. good.

2) Hallways, Tunnels, Single Story Rooms

I have taken to just imagining my character is 15′ tall. I get claustraphobic in low ceiling environments… oh, yes, and that’s not just true in real life. There is nothing in zombies right now that bums me out more than having to leave the cargo section of Carrier. I get worried going into the corridors, even in early rounds and when I know there’s only a few zombies left. Hanger’s good. Gun Deck has potential. Cargo is amazing. But really, think of yourself as 15′ tall, and all will be well.

3) Goliath Zombies

These dudes are pretty much pure evil. (See EMZ’s) In different maps, they move with incredible speed, kill with very few required hits, and generally make for a really bad day.

Solution 1 – EMZ Zombies

I have a bias towards blue zombies in Call of Duty Exo Zombies. I don’t terribly care if the thing has electricity crackling around it or if hit’s glowing with blue eyes. Blue draws my fire more surely than anything else in the darn game. When possible, kill the blue zombies (a number of them will be EMZs, the rest–annoying teleporting zombies), preferably at range, and you will be able to spend less time worrying about your exo suit rebooting.

Solution 2 – Low Ceiling!

Awareness is key, here. There are a few tunnels, rooms, and areas that sport low ceilings that won’t let you get out of a tight spot. Where possible, try to avoid those rooms. If not, try to make sure you know what’s coming from the other side of the hallway, room, or tunnel. Worst case scenario, make sure you’re packing (and keeping in stock) nano or teleport grenates, both of which are good for killing lots of zombies in tight groups and close quarters.

Solution 3 – Goliath Zombies

If you ever played Halo, you remember that the best way to handle the Elites was to wait until after you’d killed all the grunts. Think of the Goliath zombie as an Elite. Try to avoid him. Pick off the distracting, much less worrisome zombies first. Then, when you can focus your full attention on him, focus fire.

Wait, What About Bill Campbell in Exo Zombies?

Bill’s the reason I purchased a zombies-laden DLC package in the first place. Otherwise, I would still be getting powned by the hordes of 15 year olds that seem to have a much better bead on exo-boost and target acquisition than I do. Okay, Bill hasn’t solved that problem for me either. I’m just content to be hiding from those guys (and some teammates of mine who are really, really disappointed in me) for now.

I like that Black Ops offered the zombies experience (at least, a small, introductory one) at the initial purchase level. I love my farmhouse experiences with a Black Ops friend of mine. But I am glad I stumbled into a quite rewarding new zombies experience–almost like crawling through a hole in the floor, hmmm. I think we could have some more zombie fans if they didnt’ have to shell out $19 to get a first play. Then they’d probably want to go back and buy the rest of the zombies maps for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. I know I do!

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