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How to Improve your KD on Standoff

This series will discuss areas of the map that are suited to certain loadouts and play styles. By understanding the limitations of your class and where to position yourself, you will be able to significantly improve your KD ratio.


We have a love-hate relationship with Standoff. Because of its excellent combination of long, open areas and tight close-quarters gameplay, it lends itself best to either really good KD games or really bad KD games. We will break Standoff into three categories: Assault Rifle (AR), SMG/Shotgun, and Sniper. Light Machine Gun classes should stay in the medium-to-long-range areas of the Assault Rifle and also do some business in the Sniper areas.

Assault Rifle “Steady As She Goes”

Assault rifles go really well with medium-to-long range distances but do not necessarily corner well. You will want to stick to the areas with long sight lines and as few close range entry points as possible. In Standoff, closely manage the Statue area, covering the sight lines towards the Workshop and the Pub. Depending on the flow of the game, you can move east towards the area by the tractor or west towards the farmhouse to cover the tractor-side entry point to the Statue area. The great thing about this position is that you should be able to read the flow of the game and anticipate which direction (Workshop, Pub, Hotel or Farmhouse) the enemy will come from. Alternatively, the Pub-Hotel area is more dangerous, but can still be held down adequately with a bit more paranoia. Watch for enemies swinging around the corner from the Hotel, or coming through the back way from the Gas Station to Pub route. One final area that lends it self sufficiently to AR play is the Workshop-Farmhouse corner. As long as you are keeping a feel of who might be coming up the back side from Gas Station or through the Farmhouse from Statue, you can adequately use that area to cover the sight lines to Hotel, Garage, and Statue.

SMG “Down in Tasmania”

Long sight lines will not usually work in your favor. A long barrel attachment will give you some benefits in the Assault Rifle areas, but not many. Your best bet in this map is to move methodically from building to building, clearing each then moving on to the next building. The second floor of the Hotel can be held by enemies using claymores, betties and shock charges (a Guardian can really make the experience less fun). Consider using your dexterity perk and climbing up the boxes in the courtyard area–but ONLY if the open area facing it is clear of enemies. Clear the downstairs of the hotel first, throwing a tactical grenade upstairs either through the window or the stairs, then moving upstairs to clear the house. You will have enemies rush back to the Hotel for a Revenge medal. If you have betties or claymores, throw a few down in as unexpected a place as possible, then move on to the next building. Gas station and Workshop are not that exciting, and leave you exposed moving to and from them. You will want to loop through Hotel, Farmhouse, Pub and the tractor area east of Statue (a personal favorite of ours). Remember to clear and go. Do not give your enemies the satisfaction of revenge.

Sniper “Where is that Tent?”

View from Pub

You are a Sniper, we are always going to be cranky about you perching in your sweet little spot and raining down one-shot kills on us–darn you! So where do you want to post up in Standoff? There are four really obvious spots on this map: second story windows in Workshop, Farmhouse, Hotel and Pub. The sight lines from Farmhouse are limited, and it always seems too easy to get upstairs or C4 through the east-facing windows. Hotel really only affords you a south-facing view of Statue and Pub. Being in the center of the map, it is a rough place to hang out. You are in the middle of the action and someone reading the SMG section should be killing you every time.  Your best spots will probably be the Workshop and Pub. Workshop has really good vies of the exit from Hotel, the Farmhouse, and of course, down to Statue. More importantly, the three entry points can be managed well with your standard sniper load out of betties or claymores and shock charges. For the north entry, a shock charge on the west side of the door, for the east entry, a betty or claymore on the south side of the door. Pub affords you a similar advantage, but can get pretty risky. Plant defensive equipment and slide out onto the second floor roof. From here you have a west to northwest view of the Hotel, Statue and Farmhouse. Watch the south side, as that will likely be your biggest risk for deaths. As with SMG (and frankly AR as well) forget about Gas Station, it is a distraction. 

Take this advice and watch Standoff become your favorite map to dole out death!

Keep working on your skills. I will be.

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