Where Series: Raid Part 3 – SMG

Raid: a great small/medium sized map go better your kill death ratio

Raid is a small/medium sized map with several good areas for SMG work

This is the third part of our Where Series on Raid. In this part, we cover SMG and mid to short range play areas. A great way to easily improve your kill death ratio is to know where exactly you should be (and not be) in the game space.

Raid is really a map catered to the SMG class. If you steer clear of the Roundabout and Pool areas, you are really left with a central north-south column of great SMG play. It is tricky to avoid the Killbox and exposure to ranged enemies when moving from the north to the south. But when you master the southern SMG region and the northern SMG region, the kills will come in bunches.


Killbox is one of the deadliest parts of the Raid map. It has four entry points, deceivingly minimal cover and a lowered center section. While the north-south lane through Killbox works for snipers and assault rifles, the area is really best geared towards the SMG class. The area confines enemies within the lethal range of the SMG weapons, and burst-firing your weapon will give you sufficient accuracy to hold your own in the longer ranges (north to south and diagonal). The real key to SMG play in this area is the surprising ability to move quickly across Killbox. The sharp angles give you the ability to advance on an enemy from almost any direction within Killbox.

If you find an enemy holding the Kitchen or the northern area between Roundabout North and Garage, you can come up the side or through the center lowered part of the area and surprise an enemy by rounding the corner on them. Lead into this approach with a concussion or flash grenade, or even by throwing a shock charge.

You can use this approach on enemies in the Kitchen as well. For enemies approaching from the east or west, a position on the stairs in the center area gives you just enough sight line to aim, while also giving you enough space to duck into relative cover from the surrounding wall. The wall itself is useful. Squeeze a few shots off, then drop quickly behind the wall to reload, cook a grenade, or toss a flash. Be ready to pop back up and finish your kill, but do not be surprised if a teammate scores the kill. Enemies will enter the Killbox to finish you off, often exposing themselves to the multiple angles of fire.

Killbox is a more advanced area. If you struggle with winning encounters with multiple enemies, have less than 20% accuracy with your weapons, or have trouble acquiring your targets, this is not going to be your best serving part of the map. As an SMG class, you will need to traverse this area, so keep the above in mind. There are better places for you to operate as an SMG class.

Raid South

Raid South encompasses the Kitchen, Backyard, Roundabout South and Basketball, with a bit of Pool South and Money Room. Your greatest in bound enemy traffic will be from Kitchen, Pool South and Raid South in that order as enemies spawning in the northern part of the map come south looking for kills. The SMG class is not good for camping, but you can easily cycle from one area to the next, methodically clearing the area of enemies and moving on. This strategy is particularly effective if one of the teams you are playing on is flipping the spawn positions, as enemies spawning in these areas will not be expecting to meet an enemy quite so soon. (Note: spawn killing for spawn killing’s sake is not a very sporting way to play the game, but if you are holding a few areas of the map, there should not be any surprises for enemies spawning in that area.)

Be careful of the sight line from Roundabout North to the wheelbarrow outside of the Money Room—this is a medium to long range line, and you will likely lose against an opponent with an assault rifle, sniper rifle or LMG. Try and either get down to Pool South, looping up through the Basketball area to Backyard or dive behind the tree planter just outside of Kitchen, securing a closer range approach through Backyard and securing cover. Use the pillar in the middle of the Kitchen to disrupt your enemies’ sight lines and approach unexpectedly. Try and move fluidly from one area to the next, chaining your path together to ensure that you do not stop for much time. For example, start in Roundabout South, moving through to Backyard, then down to Basketball, to Pool South, to Money Room, Kitchen, and then to Backyard. Always be aware of your direction as you flow from place to place.

Raid North

Raid North consists of Garage, Roundabout North, the area just north of Killbox and the Bedroom above Pool North. You can chain these areas together as well, moving from place to place with a clear path in mind. Your highest volume of enemies will be coming from Killbox, Roundabout and Pool in that order. Keep these approaches in mind if you end up in the extremes of the area (like in the Garage). The major sight line to be wary of is from the West side of the area by Bedroom to the courtyard area in front of the Garage). Try to avoid being caught out in the open in this area, as a ranged weapon will have a serious advantage over you. Use the lower stairs in the red room (Raid North) to manage enemies entering from north of Killbox or from Roundabout. These stairs give you a great angle on enemies and still are fairly unexpected to a lot of enemies. 

Watch out for confrontations with enemies at the top of the stairs down to Garage from the Killbox. They will have an advantage, and if you are in the Garage or the area outside of the Garage, you will be at a disadvantage for grenades, tacticals and sight lines. Find some cover. As an aside, make sure you blow up any cars in the Garage before you hide behind them or use them for cover. Follow a similar approach to this area as you do to Raid South and you should feel more comfortable in each of your encounters.

Take these strategies and make them your own for Raid and you will have an even better time playing on this map. Always be moving to the next position with the SMG. And keep working on your skills. I will be.

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