Where Series: Raid Part 2 – AR & LMG

Following up our previous post on Raid, today we are outlining the best positions and tactics to use while playing Raid with an assault rifle. Raid is a map that lends itself most to a mid to near-ranged class for most areas. Depending on your AR attachments and strategy, your best bet is to control your red zone and focus on key areas of combat, their entry points, and your points of cover. As seems to most often be the case with the AR positions, light machine gunners (LMGs) should follow this advice as well.

Your AR is a good medium to long-range weapon. It is hard to find good long range lines outside of the sniper locations in our previous post on Raid, but the areas nearby will mean that you can support your sniper teammates. Here are the places and tactics that work really well on Raid.

Loadout Tip

Raid’s many short to mid-range engagement spaces and corners makes it great for close quarters combat. To combat this, equip the B23R or the KAP-40 for your secondary. There is no need to be fancy with attachments, but the slot will serve you well when you notice that enemy coming around the corner with an R870 MCS. 

Areas & Strategies

The raised area between Roundabout South and the Backyard is a great spot for you to post up with an assault rifle. With a great view of the Roundabout and a good line of sight to the entry points from Kitchen, Basketball and Pool, this area allows you to float between combat approach points. You can support your sniper teammates in Roundabout South and pick off enemies attacking from Roundabout North and Killbox. Use the walls leading down to Roundabout to quickly get out of the line of fire. Your biggest worry here should be enemies coming from the Kitchen and Backyard areas, as they have the most cover for an approach. Also watch for enemies sliding around the east side of Roundabout and coming in through the glass opening near Roundabout South.

From Roundabout South, you can do really well operating in the south-eastern quadrant of Roundabout itself. Start by blowing up the van yourself (or wait until it has already been blown up) then use the van, center sculpture and barriers around the center of Roundabout for cover while you continue to target Roundabout North and Killbox vantage points. This position is especially useful in the Domination gametype, as you can better cover B-dom while keeping your red zone to a minimum.

Your next best area to operate with an AR is in the Pool area. The best vantage point comes from the space under Bedroom (Pool North), where you have sight lines to enemies coming down from Killbox, entering from Basketball and jumping out the window of the money room. The planter box gives you a good ¾ body cover and you have one major point of exposure while you face south into the main kill area. Occasionally do a “crazy Ivan” and sweep back north towards garage, checking for any enemies that might have broken through the Killbox into the area just outside of Garage. Here again your sight line north is fantastic, giving you an advantage on anyone (usually) sprinting around the corner from Garage. Your secondary can come in very handy if you catch them close enough to you—usually within a few steps of the stairs leading up to the bedroom. Traffic through this area is usually sparse, with more focus being in the eastern portion of the map. Patience will usually win out, and this position can also support a sniper posted up in the Bedroom above you.

The final alternative (and likely the most challenging position to maintain) is Pool South—the area between Basketball and the cabana/bar beside the pool. You will find yourself using your secondary most often in this position, so it is best to only stay here when your secondary weapon skills are outmatching your less savvy opponents’ primary weapons. Continuously move between the cabana/bar and a position just right of the entry from Basketball. You do not want to creep up to the planters below the money room—this increases your red zone from the money room, Backyard and Basketball. Your biggest opportunities will be catching people moving from Pool North to Killbox and entering the Pool space from Killbox. If the enemy begins to attack from the south or if you get overwhelmed by an enemy coming from Pool North/Killbox, move into the cabana/bar and use its confusing sight lines to throw enemies off while switching to your pistol.

A Roof Over Your Head

The biggest shortcoming of these spaces is their lack of overhead cover. There are few really safe places when it comes to airborne scorestreaks. Pool North is probably your best bet for consistent safety, but you will inflict fewer casualties on the enemy. Try to stay aware of the flow of battle, and as soon as an enemy scorestreak shows up in your mini map or comes up on your radio, dash for the nearest cover. Unfortunately, you will usually get caught out in the open. If you follow the above advice, you should be picking up far more kills to offset that occasional death.

Follow this AR strategy on Raid to improve your KD ratio on the map and increase your kills.
And keep working on your skills. I will be.

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