Where Series: Raid Part 1

How to Improve Your KD on Standoff – Part 1


By far one of my favorite maps in the game, Raid is a great medium-sized map that features great opportunities for ranged and close-range combat. The layout of the map lends itself nicely to a mid to near-ranged class for most areas, leaving those of you rocking the long range weapons at a bit of a disadvantage while moving around on the map. That being said, this map can reward the sniper and the close combat killer alike. We will break Raid down into four categories: Assault Rifle (AR), SMG/Shotgun, LMG and Sniper. Today we will talk about the Sniper positions.


As a sniper you will want to (as usual) rock either ‘betties or claymores with shock charges. For a bit of a change, you may want to use a trophy system for the Bedroom and Roundabout South positions. Your objective in this map should be to maintain as much elevation as possible and manage your exposure. As the map is medium sized, you may want to rock a semi-automatic sniper rifle like the XPR or the SVU, but more skilled players with the ability to get single-shot kills can do as they please. There are four areas that lend themselves nicely to sniper play: Roundabout North, Roundabout South, Bedroom and Pool-Backyard.

Roundabout North is probably one of the best places to set up a trophy system just outside the window overlooking Roundabout (B domination point). This spot provides great sightlines across the map to enemies coming from Backyard and posting up in or around Roundabout South. For added protection, watch the mini map for activity between Garage and Killbox and make sure you have a claymore or ‘betty guarding the stairs to where you are.

Opposing Roundabout South is Roundabout North. This offers a similar vantage point over Roundabout and the biggest entry to Killbox. Place a shock charge on the van below your position and a ‘betty or claymore near the stairs to your position.

Pool-Backyard (PB) is the area near Backyard and Kitchen overlooking the Pool area. This is probably the least favorable of the sniping positions, as it affords little cover from the sides and behind (red zone) and affords enemies several short range entry points to your line of sight. Your best claymore and betty positions are likely near the tree planter between Kitchen and Backyard and for a big reach, between the entry to Kitchen and the stairs up to Roundabout South. A shock charge in the room with the cash and on the stairs up from Basketball should give you enough heads up that someone slipped around you and is approaching from some rough angles.

Bedroom overlooks the pool from a slightly higher elevation and better sight lines than PB. The stairs behind it are very defendable and exiting through the window can take you out of an attacker’s line of sight very quickly. Put your claymore around the corner at the top of the stairs and position your betty on the lower third of the stairs. Your shock charges should go at the top of the stairs and in the area just below Bedroom. This is another great place for a trophy system, which should go by the window.

Take these positions, be crafty moving between them and keep working on your skills.
I will be.

In the coming days we will review Raid for Assault Rifle, SMG/Shotgun and LMG gameplay.

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