Mic is in Charge – Coordinate Team Play With Strangers

I’ve been playing a lot of Titanfall and Halo 4 these past few weeks. For reasons unknown, my evaluation copy of Advanced Warfare didn’t materialize, but I’ve had some jetpack equipped game time nonetheless. I was firing up some objective games today, and through all of them only one of us had a mic. (It wasn’t me.) I know normally when I’m playing with a bunch of strangers, we end up playing a bunch of lone wolf stuff and occasionally lining up a strategy. It’s usually more of an accident than anything else. So what do you do in this situation?

I submit, for your review, the Slave to the Mic rule of conduct. It states:

All of us working together with the stupidest idea is more effective
than each of us working with separate, brilliant ideas.

That’s right. If nobody else is going to get on their mics, dig yours out and help guide your team to victory. If someone else has a mic and you haven’t put yours on, give following their lead a try. (Even if their ideas are stupid, you have a good chance that the other team doesn’t even have a plan.) When it comes to mic-less play, the one mic’d gamer should be is king.


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