KD Ratio Bootcamp – Part 2

This is a continuation from Part 1 of the series, where I follow JakeTheFed’s KD Ratio Bootcamp. JakeTheFed is a member of Reddit, and posted his steps for improving your KD ratio there. Below, I follow Part 2 of the bootcamp and share my results. Part 2 of the bootcamp requires you to strip down your class to a gun and…nothing else. Check out his part 2 Reddit post for detailed guidelines. I will touch on some points below.

As you may have seen in part 1 of this series on KD Ratio Bootcamp, I have a 1.47 baseline and did part 1 a day or so ago. I tweaked the method, because I had not yet attempted the two 150 kill achievements necessary for golden cammo. I was so close to no perks and no attachments that I dropped the stock off the M27.

The principles to follow are:

  1. Play more cautiously.
  2. Walk, do not run.
  3. Point your gun where enemies are/will be.
I ran a 3×3 from part 2 two days ago and got the following results:

  • FFA – 1.31 (90% of total baseline 1.47)
  • TDM – 1.85 (127% of total baseline 1.47)
  • KC – 1.10 (76% of total baseline 1.47)
*While open to interpretation, I am going with my total baseline over my all-time for the game. This is mostly because I want to be performing evenly across all three game types.

For this 3×3 I used the MSMC sub-machine gun. Being conscious of reloading is an awesome way to play. If you get nervous when there are only 15 bullets in the clip for too long, find a nice quiet place to go prone and reload. I have been working on not sprinting since late in MW3 play. Without fail, I click that left joystick and I’m dead in about 3 seconds… it’s uncanny. The more you focus on when to run versus when to not run (i.e. default to a “not run” strategy), the more often you will find someone else run into your cross-hairs.

I would say to keep at Part 2 until you hit 90+% of your baseline in all categories. It will hurt for a few days, but this is probably where you’ll see the best improvement.

I followed up with a 3×3 with the M27 (my AR of choice for this challenge) and was got the following numbers: 
  • FFA – 1.22 (83% of total baseline 1.47)
  • TDM – 1.42 (96% of total baseline 1.47)
  • KC – 1.34 (92% of total baseline 1.47)
then this happened…

Before reloading: Stop & Drop
No Cornering While Reloading!

As designed, part two will highlight your strategic and proficiency pain points:

  1. Reloading too much, (see picture above) without cover or while turning a corner, will kill you.
  2. No matter how many kills you just got, do not toggle run and turn the corner. DON’T DO IT!

I will probably focus on some more FFA with the M27 and swing back through KC with the MSMC for something like a 2×3 (maybe I will go crazy and do a 2×4). You should see a follow up post soon with this and part 3 of the KD Ratio Bootcamp.

Until then, keep working on your skills. I will be.

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