Happy Double Weapon XP Weekend

Racking the slide on the FAL in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on the Slums map in honor of Double Weapon XP Weekend.

Let’s lock and load for Double Weapon XP Weekend

In celebration of Double Weapon XP Weekend, we are going to put together a single playthrough of leveling up the Type-25 from 0 through max. It will probably look a lot like XBOX Ahoy’s Type-95 montage play…minus the voiceover. We were hard at work this morning leveling that Type-25 up. Why the Type-25? It was one of the weapons we still had locked. Come to think of it… leaving that bad boy in the gun rack for so long was a bad idea! You can bet you will see more on that weapon soon! While you wait for that goodness to go through the editing process, we wanted to give you a sampler of gun kills, courtesy of our own guest gamer: Mirkmanea.

As you watch the video below, note how the player maneuvers from one point of cover to the next. He does a pretty good job of cornering and cutting the pie. What do you think he did wrong that led to his death?

Three Double Weapon XP tips for This Weekend:

  1. Keep an eye on your mini-map and know where your red zone will be.
  2. Move from one point of cover to the next without staying in the open for long.
  3. Cut the pie and move around to check open doorways.

If you would like to submit 30-120 seconds of gameplay for voice-over game correction and/or to be featured in a future post on Better KD, send us the link and what you think it would be good for using on the Contact Us page!

Enjoy Double Weapon XP weekend! And keep working on your skills!

We will be…

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