Ghosts – Post 1

I know that after a post like hibernationmode deactivated on Facebook, you probably would have expected more to come in the past month since Ghosts was released. I might try to explain my hiatus after a few posts back in the game. Bottom line: we will be going for shorter posts, and they may not be as consistent as you or I might like.

If you’ve been playing Ghosts for a while now, you have already experienced a jarring learning curve between Black Ops II and Ghosts. Having not transitioned from MW3 to Ghosts directly, I am not sure if it is just the Infinity Ward – Treyarch transition, the weapon mix, or other mechanics that are making adjustment a challenge for most players.

You should pay attention to three things early on to ensure a smooth(er) transition to Ghosts.

Audio & Sound

Symptom: It seems like the enemy always knows where I am!

Reason: Ghosts is unforgiving in the realm of audio and sound. Namely, your footsteps seem to be louder than ever before. Pair this loudness with the superb audio accuracy of the game and enemies can pinpoint your location or direction of approach with little to no effort. You may remember my pathalogical loathing of running… yep, you’re even louder when you run. That said, you make a lot of noise when you walk as well.

Solution: 1) If you want to continue running and gunning while still maintaining the element of surprise, equip the Dead Silence perk. Remember that enemies who have the Amplify perk equipped will still be able to hear you coming, but not as clearly as other players. Other enemies will never know you were there. 2) The other solution is to slow down and crouch walk when you know enemies are nearby. You can also try to time your steps–walking or running–during the verious explosions and ambient noises that occur during the game. When you do move in the game, note that different surfaces will create different, more distinguishable sounds than others. <cough>Cement<cough>Metal<cough>

Opportunity: This might be just the right time to start playing with some good surround-sound headphones or with your home theater turned up. With a clear 5.1 setup, you can easily identify the enemy running around the house behind you in Stone or below your catwalk position in Sovereign. Be careful, if you have the volume up too high with Ghosts, you can blow out your ears headset drivers. That’s an expensive problem to have…


Symptom: Lots of deaths and they all seem to happen really quickly.

Reason: A combination of more powerful weapons, higher rates of fire, and different health statistics running under the game’s hood. Time to death is simply faster in COD: Ghosts. The most important factor in this is the power of the weapons, their speed and accuracy.

Solution: I am going to write a separate post on this, though it is an invaluable asset for me now: Stuart Brown’s Xbox Ahoy Youtube Channel is amazing, helpful, and I think a key to finding the best weapon mix for yourself in game. You need to have a weapon you are comfortable with handling for your play style. For you Honey Badger run and gunners? Consider switching to the K7 SMG. Having trouble with your AR setup’s close quarters performance? Consider the MTAR-X.

Opportunity: There is still a lot of time for you to really take control of your play performance by being the best equipped player on the map. Best equipped means knowing what works for your playstyle. [Shameless Plug] We have a tool for Black Ops 2 that works marvelously for finding your best performing weapon. As the Call of Duty Elite service provides more details into player performance, we will be creating a similar tool for Ghosts. Comment on this post if you would like to see us create a personalized player report for Ghosts.

Red Zone

Symptom: Never saw it coming… almost every time.

Reason: Your field of view (FOV) in Ghosts is about 65°. Go to a 90° corner and stand in it. I’m going off of some forums and articles I’ve read, but standing in a corner should give you a feel for your field of view. Basic math tells us that our Red Zone (I really should update that post) is 295°. Basically, imagine wearing horse blinders to play this game… and adjust accordingly. Keep your head on a swivel and try to always be conscious of your red zone coverage.

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