Black Ops 2 Scorestreaks: Know Your Skill

Let Your Skill Guide You

In many areas of Better KD, we focus on improving your skill and not apologizing for where you may be. With skillstreaks, it is important to recognize where you are. If you rarely get more than three kills at once, and even more rarely make it to five or six kills, it does not make sense to have your first scorestreak be the Hellstorm Missile (700 pts) or the Lightning Strike (750 pts). On the other hand, if you are regularly going on killing sprees of eight or more, these may be just the right place for you to start. We will talk about chaining streaks tomorrow, and that will help.

UAV 4 kills + 1 assist*
RC-XD 4 kills + 2assists
Hunter-Killer 5 kills + 1 assist
Care Package 5 kills + 2 assists
Counter UAV 6 kills
Guardian 6 kills + 2 assists
Hellstorm Missile 7 kills
Lightning Strike 7 kills + 2 assists

*Black Ops 2 gives you 25pts per hit marker on your assists, so these assist calculations are based on you tagging the enemy with one shot, then moving away to safety.

You can see that a typical player in a normal points gametype would have to get a Merciless medal (5 kills without dying) before the lethal scorestreaks were even an option for the first scorestreaks. Give yourself some time to improve and eventually you can set the Hunter-Killer as your first scorestreak. In the meantime, take a look at this metric of yours to evaluate it against.

KD ratio measures your average kills for each death incurred. If we played that way all the time, even the elite players 3+ KD ratios would have trouble even getting started on a UAV in Team Deathmatch! KD ratio should give you an idea of where you ought to be, but here is the formula for finding your first scorestreak:

  1. Go to Call of Duty Elite and bring up your career page.
  2. Take your KD ratio, your total kills, your win percentage and your number of wins.
  3. Divide your wins by your win percentage to get your total games.
  4. Divide your total kills by your total games to get your kills per game.
  5. Divide your kills per game by your KD ratio to get your deaths per game.
  6. Round your kills per game down and your deaths per game up.
  7. Subtract your deaths per game from your kills per game for your average KD spread.
  8. (optional) Knock a kill off your spread for good measure.
  9. Multiply your spread by 100.

This should be the maximum point value of your starting scorestreak. As you get better, select the scorestreak with half this point value to ensure that you earn it multiple times in a game.

If the number does not line up with a scorestreak, that means you should start with a very conservative scorestreak of the UAV. Tomorrow we will discuss chaining scorestreaks to make the UAV translate into some serious kills.

Until then, set those scorestreaks and keep working on your skills. I will be.

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