Black Ops 2 Scorestreaks: Chaining

Chaining scorestreaks has been a fundamental concept of kills and points-based rewards.

In Modern Warfare, killstreak reward chaining starts with selecting the right starting streak and stacking kills to the next two killstreak rewards. This was the challenging part about killstreaks, because you had to pick killstreaks that would earn more kills, and stay alive while deploying them. (Who knew pulling out a radio and hitting a button was so dangerous!)

Scorestreaks in Black Ops 2 have made chaining and achieving higher scorestreaks much easier. Instead of only kills, you can now use a combination of kills, objectives and assists to reach your scorestreak points requirement.

You should look at the scorestreak options available to you based on their ability to rack up more points in a shorter period of time:

  • UAV gives you 10 pts every time someone on your team gets a kill while it is up. Timing this just right to support your team could give you between 50 to 100 points per use (PPU). (PPU ≈ 50)*
  • RC-XD gives you 25 pts for every kill. As it is limited to a single use per reward, you are likely to only get about 25 to 50 points out of its use. (PPU ≈ 35)
  • Hunter Killer gives you 25 pts for for every kill and suffers from the same likelihood of a double kill (50 pts). We can assume a double kill every two to three uses. (PPU ≈ 35)
  • Care Package gives you a random killstreak, so it is a tough one to judge. If you combine this killstreak with the Engineer perk, you can re-roll the reward to see if you can get something better. (PPU ≈ 50)
  • Counter UAV gives you the same 10 pts assist every time someone on your team gets a kill. This is slightly less effective than the UAV, so we will assume your team gets around five kills because of it, plus whatever kills they would already be getting (your mileage may vary, because this depends on teammates). (PPU ≈ 40)
  • Guardian gives you 10 pts for every second of damage to enemies + 10 pts for every enemy killed while in the Guardian’s area of effect. Your mileage may vary, as this is better suited towards objective play. (PPU ≈ 60) (Good Guardian Use)
  • Hellstorm Missile gives you 25 pts for every kill. Done well, you should be able to average about 4 kills per use. (PPU ≈ 100)
  • Lightning Strike gives you 25 pts for every kill. You can use the UAV sweep once, and they have increased the delay of the actual bombing to 750 milliseconds. Done well you should be able to regularly score three or more kills per use. (PPU ≈ 75)

*Watch for enemies targeting the UAV to shoot it down. They are easy prey for any weapon while their targeting system lines up the UAV. Killing an enemy during this time is worth having the UAV shot down (100 points), so do not worry if you cannot prevent the enemy from shooting it down.

The below chart shows points needed to move from one scorestreak to the next. After your Counter-UAV reward, you will need 100 more points to get a Hellstorm missile. Considering a Counter-UAV usually gives you about 40 points, you can think of it as a difference of one kill.

Points difference between scorestreaks in Black Ops 2

Use this chart to determine how you want to chain your scorestreasks. Selecting the first is easy with yesterday’s post. Selecting the second is a factor of where the first puts you and how many points the second will get you. Go a little crazy with the third one, and you will really start to enjoy your scorestreaks!

Post a comment below to let us know what your favorite chain combination is. Keep working on your skills. I will be.

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