Improving KD Ratios at Font Sight, Nevada

A few of us have the good fortune of spending the day at Front Sight, a firearms training school in Pahrump, Nevada. We just completed day two of a four day handgun training course, and have been furiously taking notes for the “practical applications” of this training in Call of Duty. Specifically, we are prepping more tips, tactics, and drills for you to improve your KD in Black Ops 2. While it is questionable if this will improve your kill death ratios in game, we want to share some of the experience with you.

Of course, much of the real-world challenges we worked on yesterday–grip, aiming, drawing, and pulling the trigger are ‘gimmies’ for us in Call of Duty. Aiming down sights ADS in Black Ops 2 is as simple as left trigger (default layout). In real-world firearms, there is a lot that goes into firing a weapon effectively. Frankly, we will be happy enough if we can help you reduce your deaths and improve your kill death ratio in Call of Duty Games.

You also do not have to clear jams, deal with weapon malfunctions, or worry about drawing your weapon in the game. Consider yourself lucky. We will be nursing the blisters on our hands for a few weeks to come as well. I know that the thumb pad blister is rough from Call of Duty, but this is a bit…more all over our hands!

The first thing that every Call of Duty player should think about: BE CONSCIOUS. You remember the saying, ” measure twice cut once”? Most of what you spend your time doing in game should set you up for shooting and killing your enemies. Every time you run, reload, or move from one part of the map to another you should be doing so with the intent of setting yourself up for a successful kill. As we know, setting yourself up for a successful kill and being consious of your surroundings  will help you improve your kill death ratio.

We will be posting Call of Duty applications for day one and day two principles tomorrow and Monday. In the mean time, check out some of the cool offerings from the Front Sight Firearms Institute on YouTube!

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