3 Types of Play Streaks Pt 2 – Average Streaks

How to judge where your gameplay is at, at any given point of time in Call of Duty and other FPS games.

How you manage the three types of play streaks will have a great impact on your ability to continuously improve your KD ratio and bring your gameplay up as well. There are three primary types of play streak: good, average and bad.

Depending on what kind of player you are, the baseline for what is “good” and what is “bad” will change. As discussed in a previous post on Your Three Types of Streak, good, average and bad fall into percentage bands around your career KD to date.

Today we talk about a dangerous play streak–the average play streak.

2. Managing the Average Streaks

The difference between a +2/+3 spread and a +10/+15 spread can be as simple as one kill. 

Good players take that kill for granted. You should not. When you see yourself on an average streak of games, this is the time to be looking for that extra edge. There are three major areas where you can look for that tipping point to take your average games to the next level: killstreaks or pointstreaks, assists/team play and fundamentals.

Killstreaks & Pointstreaks

Keep an eye on your killstreak tracking indicator to the right and watch the minimap for areas where you can go pick up a few extra kills. Figure out where you are falling short of your killstreak reward and drop to a lower killstreak for a few games. For example, if you keep dying before your Care Package reward, drop down one level to the Hunter Killer. If you are having a tough time getting a UAV, switch to one of your loadouts with Hardline. You should have a Hardline custom class (especially for times like this).

Assists and Team Play

Also remember that in most game types you pick up half points for assists. If you see a longshot enemy, put two shots into them and find cover. (*ONLY if you are not putting yourself at risk by doing so. Always focus on the enemy looking at you or closest to you first.) Look at the leader(s) on your team and try to stick with them for a while. Helping them get more kills will ultimately help your team towards winning its match and should help boost you towards some kills and some pointstreaks.


  • Check your aiming.  Remember Acquire, Aim, FireAre you looking in the correct direction? Are you strafing to hit your target?
  • Check your Red Zone. Keep aware of where you are and what angles of fire could kill you. (ProTip: Remember that C4 can get you as well!)
  • Move slowly without running. Reload in cover, preferably while prone. Stay alert about what killstreaks/pointstreaks the enemy team might be playing and stay in cover or out of the line of fire.

When you are playing an average game. Get yourself to the next level by finding the tipping point to a good game. Reach your killstreak goals, get some assits and play with your team, and remember your fundamentals.

Good luck with your play streaks. Keep working on your skills. I will be.

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