Triad of Shooting For Better Kill Death Ratios

Speed power and accuracy, managed properly, will improve your kill death ratio

The Triad of Shooting: Speed, Power, and Accuracy

As a player, you bring three elements to every encounter you have in Call of Duty, Black Ops 2. Mastering the combination of these three elements will help you improve your kill death ratio and become a better Call of Duty player. There are many more elements you can influence to create situations of advantage, but there are three you have in every confrontation:

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Accuracy


The power is an inherent factor of the gun. There is a great site called that has a filterable list of weapon statistics. The game and Call of Duty Elite will tell you what weapons have what power. This this is a decision you make before you go into your game based on the play style you want to have. This is a key consideration in your custom class.


Speed is the frequency that you shoot at–the speed of your finger pulling repeatedly on the trigger (for semi-automatics) and of rounds per minute when you hold down the trigger on your fully automatic weapon. Your speed should be a factor of how big your front sight is or how big your sight attachment’s reticle is relative to the target you are aiming at. The bigger the target is, the faster you can shoot at the target. We found that at three to five meters, as soon as the front sight lines up on a target, your bullets will lad within the largest area of that target. If you round a corner and have an enemy bearing down on you begin your shooting before you ADS, then correct your fire as you center on the enemy.


For better accuracy, shoot slowly when the target is smaller.
Accuracy has its basis in the weapon statistics. You can maintain more accuracy with certain weapons while still shooting at a relatively high speed. Generally, you want to spend as little time shooting as possible to attain the kill, then move on to the next area of the map. You can improve your accuracy by focusing on the speed you fire at. We will talk later about the power of burst fire, select fire and trigger control. At this stage, keeping your speed relative to the target and its appearance in your sights will improve your on-enemy accuracy with any weapon.


These are principles you want to put into place immediately. Offline practice in custom games will help you get a feel for each weapon’s speed-accuracy-power triangle, how it works with your gameplay and how to master it. Set up your favorite custom classes in the custom game, add in about six to nine bots, and practice firing at different speeds. Use slower speeds the smaller the target in your sights and faster as that target gets closer/bigger.
Try to find the distance and weapon that works for you, and keep working on your skills.
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