Learn How to Quick Scope Part 2

How can I learn how to quick scope?

Quick Scope Screenshot in Studio

Quick Scoping: A Powerful Tool

This continues our series–where we finally tell you how to be good at quick scoping.We will break down how to quick scope into four main parts: Tools, Sequence, Timing and Repeatability. We also want to shout out to Drift0r for having a really good YouTube tutorial on quick scoping.

1 – Tools

Weapon –

Quick scopers in Black Ops 2 prefer either the DSR 50 and the Ballista. Reviewing our favorite stats site: symthic.com (pictured below) the Ballista seems to have a slightly higher rate of fire—though in our experience, you should only count on having one shot per enemy. A good player will kill you before you get off a second shot.

The DSR and the Ballista are popular quick scope sniper rifles, mostly because of their power. They do not have significant differences between each other.

The DSR and the Ballista are popular quick scope sniper rifles, mostly because of their power.

Perks –

The two perks that will definitely contribute to your ability to quick scope are Toughness and Dexterity. Toughness will reduce your flinch should you be hit prior to getting your shot off. Dexterity will allow you to come to a complete stop and reign in your bullet spread more quickly as you execute the quick scope technique.


No attachment is going to really make you quick scope better. From a tactical standpoint, you want to be reloading far away from cover, so run the Extended Mags attachment. Do not use a suppressor, as this attachment will reduce your damage. Beyond these attachments, choose what works for you.

Lethals & Tacticals

Our typical sniper suggestion applies: Shock Charges and C4 or Shock Charges and the Claymore.

2 – Sequence

  1.  Stop Moving – This allows your accuracy to improve and your bullet spread (the area of bullet spray) to narrow before you begin aiming down sights (ADS).
  2. Center the Target – You will need to be able to do this quickly. This part will take the most practice, but will pay off a lot in the rest of your game.
  3. Begin Aiming Down Sights (ADS) – note that we say to begin doing it. Timing comes later, but remember that the step is to “begin”. Do not move during this time, but you can still look.
  4. Fire – Simple. The trick is that it should feel like your shot is “interrupting” the ADS.
  5. Move – Mostly you will be head to head with an enemy wielding an SMG. Standing still is not really an option. This should already be something you do after firing any other weapon.
  6. Wait – These weapons are bolt action. If you ADS again before chambering the next round, you will not be able to interrupt your ADS with your fire, and it will not work. You will hear the bolt slide back into place before you see the animation.

3 – Timing

As we hinted at in the sequence, you want to interrupt your ADS by firing just the right time. To help illustrate the timing, we posted a video on our YouTube channel (btw, subscribe and like!) that breaks down a quick scope into 10% speed. You want to fire once your scope has come up and centered into your screen. Ideally shoot just before the crosshairs of the scope come into focus. This is the part where you will need to get a feel for the timing of the quick scope.

4 – Repeatability

So you have the tools, the sequence and the timing. Now all you have to do is get to where you can do this over and over and over again. The below method is how you can train yourself to do this reliably and reputably.

Now, it is time for some practice! Fire up a custom game with the following settings:

  • 50 kill score limit
  • 8 Recruit-level Bots for the first 5 games, increase the difficulty to Regular for all other games
  • Unlimited time limit (try not to go too crazy though)
  • No Scorestreaks
  • This is quick scope practice, focus on using the quick scope technique for every kill.

At the start of each game, find a clear, flat wall nearby and fire a scoped-in shot at it. Then work on your ADS-fire timing to get a feel for pulling the trigger just before your ADS goes fully in and just after the point where your shots go wild.  You want your bullet cluster to all be centered around the original bullet hole.

After the first ten games (about 500 kills with the sniper rifle) hop into a few public matches to see how your skills are coming along. If you are doing well, use this as a warm up for the next several days. Remember that immersion and repetition are keys to making your quick scope a reliable asset. If you are still struggling with executing the quick scope in public matches, go back to recruit level bots and make sure that every kill for the next 10 games is a quick scope or a quick scope attempt. Wash, rinse, and repeat until you get it right in public matches reliably.

Keep practicing outside of public matches for a while. When your test public matches start going well, you can make the quick scope part of your general arsenal.

Keep working on that quick scope and keep working on your skills.

We will be.

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