Learn How to Quick Scope Part 1

The Quick Scope

We have all fallen victim to the quick scope at some point. That moment when you round a corner on some idiot with a sniper rifle, far too close to be able to do something and—you die… very suddenly…

Wait, how did they do that!? One of the rare times you wait through the entire nemesis cam to watch what happened. They see you, turn, bring the scope and—wait, they never even saw you in the scope!? Frustration turns to rage as you encounter them several more times in the game. Introducing you to Call of Duty’s Great White Shark: the Quick-Scoper.

We noticed that the folks at Optic Gaming welcomed a new member to their organization this week: Optic Drgn. Watching a few of his videos on YouTube had us drooling. The ability to one shot kill anyone on the map (in a montage ;-)? WANT! So you can thank Drgn and Optic for the inspiration for this series….

What is a quick scope?

Much like the drop-shot, the quick scope is a skill particular to FPS games. A quick scope is the action of aiming down sights (ADS) and shooting with a one-shot-kill weapon, typically a sniper rifle. The key to successfully executing this maneuver is very specific timing of the ADS-shoot sequence. The result of this super-well-timed quick scope is a seemingly magical “you must be cheating you aimbot using bast—argh!” experience. You will recognize it by the telltale nemesis cam where the killer does not appear to fully scope in on you before firing and killing you in one shot.

Why should I know how to quick scope?

  1. It will set you apart from the rest of the pack.
    There are very few players out there who know how to quick scope. By being one of these very few people, you set yourself apart, “where the air is crisp,” and you give yourself an advantage over easily 80% of players in the game. By being a little bit better in this area, you can join clans, find good online partners, and gradually increase your kill death ratio with better play.
  2. It is an unexpected and extremely useful tool for a sniper.
    Most often you will run up to a sniper in-game and easily dispatch them. If very few snipers can quick-scope effectively, it follows that very few snipers can shoot you at close range. Use this to your advantage when you are sniping. Everyone automatically takes an extra half-second to line you up in their SMG or AR. But now you are no-longer one of those “normal” snipers, and BAM! One more kill. One less death. Better KD!
Quick Scoping in Black Ops 2

Quick Scoping in Black Ops 2

Isn’t it cheating to quick scope?

It is not cheating to quick scope. Quick scoping takes advantage of the auto-aim assisting features of Call of Duty. This feature takes where your reticle is pointed, and slightly corrects that position to center it on the hit boxes of your enemies. Auto-aim is why your reticle will sometimes snap onto an enemy, enabling you to score that questionable but oh-so-awesome kill. When you quick scope, you leverage a sniper rifle’s auto aim properties in a similar way to when you use any weapon. The quick scope is not a cheat, but definitely “leverages” a game mechanic much the way a head-glitch does.

Okay. How do I learn to quick scope?

We will cover how to quick scope, how to improve your quick scope skill and when to use the quick scope in the next several posts. Check in with us soon! Keep working on your skills. We will be.

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