Improve Your Aim Part 3/4

Second, sensitivity is a key element to acquiring targets quickly. An encounter between two evenly matched players with different sensitivities will regularly be won by the player with the highest sensitivity. Higher sensitivity allows you to orient your player (and your crosshairs) on the enemy. When that enemy kills you in no time flat from looking completely in the other direction, we are talking sensitivity and lots of it. But it can be a drawback, and that is something I am working on now. Higher sensitivity means less precision or at best more difficult precision in the finer movements. Sure, you can turn around in less than a second with a Black Ops 2 sensitivity of 14 (the max setting, and pretty insane at that). But as soon as you ADS in on the player your finer movements have you all over the body. The best solution I have so far is to start with a moderate sensitivity like 10 and force yourself to really use the look joystick to aim. Tick your sensitivity settings up as you find your setting to be a limiting factor in your ADS aiming (remember to keep your red zone in mind, since you cannot turn around as quickly as a 14). If 10 is still to sensitive, go lower and work your way up. Do not let yourself use strafing (side-stepping) to aim your weapon. The goal is to use the joysticks independently, one is move, one is aim.

Third–and this is where the video turns into a bit of an infomercial–Ali-A uses Kontrol Freaks. Now in all fairness they are very nice little accessories for your controller. PS3 or Xbox 360, these little do-dads improve the responsiveness of your joystick through simple mechanics principles. I will probably explain the specifics in a later post, but all you need to know is that the Kontrol Freaks increase the height of your joystick(s) giving allowing you to make more precise movements in game with less precise movements in your hands. I don’t know how I feel about suggesting Kontrol Freaks as a real solution to a skill problem.* That being said, Ali-A weighs in favor of them and offers a discount through his video–so that might be good enough to try them out. Remember that they do not actually fix the problem–which is your thumbs!

Start using private matches and Bots in Black Ops 2 to warm up before your live sessions. Take some time to work your sensitivity up from wherever it is to at least 12 or 13–and 14 if you feel like you can. I would say to focus on these improving tips before buying the controller upgrades and modifying the joystick length. If you want to get Kontrol Freaks and use them, you will see an immediate improvement but may plateau–but you can always come back to the basic principles later if you get the Kontrol Freaks now.

See you tomorrow. Keep working on your skills… I will be.

*PS- Dear Kontrol Freaks, while I think we should try to improve ourselves before modifying the gaming experience… a sample of your product would be a great conversation starter! ;-)

From Reddit:

If you cant control the gun play on a low sensitivity
If you cant find the right sensitivity, force yourself to play a 1v1 with a friend in a private match just messing around (or by yourself) and get used to walking around on the max sensitivity, then put it to half of the max, and you will be able to control it well. Lower it till you feel you have perfect control over your thumb sticks. Also, buy FPS freeks.
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