Black Ops 2 SMR Gold Rant

The Black Ops 2 SMR: Absolute Pants

The Black Ops 2 SMR: Absolute Pants

To those of you who like the SMR, are good with the SMR, or love the SMR: we salute you!
We also think you probably should try another gun, that you would probably perform better, and you may come to enjoy the game even better.
Why? Because we finally went gold with the Black Ops 2 SMR–and we will never, ever use it again.

Black Ops 2 Weapon Comparison between SMR & Tac-45

SMR to TAC-45 Comparison

The Black Ops 2 SMR is “Pants”

A new favorite term (thank you Reddit), “pants” is a great term for something terrible or cruddy. The SMR is a terrible weapon. Why would anyone want a single shot, semi-automatic rifle that doesn’t kill in one shot? You might as well be running around with an SVU sniper rifle. Actually, you might as well be running around with a Tac-45, because the stats at close range pretty much come out in favor of the TAC-45. Yes, it has the most power of all the assault rifles. The tradeoffs are too great — second worst rounds per minute (RPM), second worst spread, slowest reload, and tied for worst recoil in the class. If you were planning on using this weapon full-time, check out some of the other weapons in the gun rack first.

Why Use the Black Ops 2 SMR?

  • A nice, semi-automatic assault rifle… Yep, use the FAL and save yourself the trouble. The FAL has less recoil, slightly more power when silenced, and a much better select-fire mode. If you want a semi-automatic assault rifle, use the FAL. (Though why you would want this in Black Ops 2, we are not sure…)

    SMR to FAL Damage & RPM Comparison

    SMR to FAL Damage & RPM Comparison

  • More damage per shot… Use something like the M8A1, SWAT, or FAL. You can find much better weapons with better recoil, faster fire rate, and more burst fire potential. The Black Ops 2 SMR is just going to take forever to fire off each shot, and puts you at a bigger disadvantage than any other (yes, MTAR included) weapon in the game.
  • Long-range confrontations… The SMR does perform well at long range. You know, when you are so small on your enemy’s screen that they cannot see you and their shots are whizzing past your head. When all your kills net you a long shot medal, you can use the SMR and feel good about yourself. Again, we are playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, so that is not a reality for most of us. If you are a long range, semi-automatic fan, pull out the XPR-50 or SVU-AS sniper rifles.
  • Diamond Assault Rifles… YES! This is the ONLY reason to use the Black Ops 2 SMR. Use it specifically for headshots, then specifically for no-perk no-attachment kills, etc. Then put it away, and prestige–it will probably take you that much XP to go gold with the darn thing.

Why “Black Ops 2” SMR?

For starters, the Black Ops 2 SMR is the first iteration of the SMR anywhere. Anywhere? Yes. The SMR is a fictional weapon that was introduced to the game as part of the futuristic upgrades. So we are hoping that Call of Duty’s SMR improves with the next several iterations. That is, when we are not hoping that Treyarch completely forgets about the SMR, or fictional weapons that are terrible for that matter… To be fair, it is hard to balance a weapon. Good try, better luck next time and the like… The weapon has some real potential as a semi-automatic medium-long range weapon (like the FAL), so we do not want to bury it forever. We look forward to trying a new and improved SMR in future Call of Duty games.

So a new SMR comes onto the create-a-class market, drop that SMR and keep working on your skills. We have, and we will be.


Want to know more about the SMR? Our buddy Xbox Ahoy good video about it below. Enjoy!*

*Pay attention to the reliance on a pistol when using the SMR and the defensive, mid-long range play style he engages for his superior game play with this weapon.

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