Black Ops 2 Scorestreaks: Master The Last Kill

What is The Last Kill?

The Last Kill (TLK) is a way of thinking about the last kill before a killstreak or scorestreak is going to happen. Usually you know when you are at TLK. It is a stressful experience for all but the best players. Whether you are very good and setting your first scorestreak at the Stealth Chopper (1100 pts) or at a lower skill level and starting off with the UAV or RC-XD (425 & 450 pts), TLK is there waiting for you. Obviously you want to get TLK and move on to the next scorestreak, so why do players typically fall short at TLK?

User-Controlled Scorestreaks

One way of missing TLK is by dying while controlling a scorestreak. Any time you have a scorestreak that takes you out of the first person you become an easy target for enemies looking for an easy kill. Work with your teammates to see if you can get them to cover you. Also, try to avoid killing yourself with a stray rocket or by destroying something near where you went prone. (PS – Go prone whenever you control a scorestreak!)

Rushing The Last Kill

There is no surer way to die on TLK than rushing to get the kill. Any time you are playing, try to keep your composure. Keep your fundamentals in place (aiming, pacing, the red zone) as you move through the game. Be patient, your next kill could be just around the corner… do not make it your next death! 

Camping The Last Kill

One bad habit from Call of Duty killstreaks was camping TLK. This was an understandable habit, but has its faults. Posting up somewhere and waiting to get your last kill puts you at a disadvantage. Instead of moving with the flow of the game, you are waiting for the game to come to you. This throws off your timing and your ability to move with the flow of the game across the map. Also, if you get a kill in one place, at least one enemy will be looking for you in that last location. Instead, consider patrolling an area around where you got the last kill, holding choke points and covering angles where you think the enemy may approach.

If you focus on the flow of the game (watching your mini map) and work with your teammates, you can hit your TLK more often than not.

Happy hunting and keep working on your skills. I will be.

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