Back in The Saddle Again


We just finished attending a huge motivational seminar with Tony Robbins in LA. Yes, this made it impossible to continue the Raid map posts; and yes, this made it impossible to complete the custom improvement reports for our lucky Facebook like winners. But I think you will be totally jazzed with the new focus and energy that we are coming back to Better KD with.


We started Better KD because we realized that there were a lot of Call of Duty players out there who were interested in improving their KD. Wanting to improve our KD ourselves, we thought that sharing our insights and experience would be valuable to you. That will not change, in fact, that will continue to be our driving motivation. We will continue to work here, helping you improve your KD ratio.

This is where Better KD becomes exciting for us. We want to know where you need help, what you think about our advice, and how we can provide you with better content to make you a better FPS and Call of Duty player. Our Facebook page will continue to be our primary source of feedback, but we will be working to engage you in our comments on the blog here at as well as in Facebook. We plan on expanding our social footprint to Google Plus later on in the Summer. Twitter does not really fit our model, but if you want it badly enough, we can make it happen.

Let us know what you want. Post on our Facebook and the blog. Let us know what you want and if what we are doing is serving you. Making you better players is fuel to our passion for this blog and what we do in the games space. We look forward to working more closely with you in the future.

Keep working on your skills. We will be.

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