3 Types of Play Streaks Pt 3 – Bad Streaks

How you manage the three types of play streaks will have a great impact on your ability to continuously improve your KD ratio and bring your gameplay up as well. There are three primary types of play streak: good, average and bad.

Depending on what kind of player you are, the baseline for what is “good” and what is “bad” will change. As discussed in a previous post on Your Three Types of Streak, good, average and bad fall into percentage bands around your career KD to date.

Today we talk about the most challenging play streak–the bad play streak.

3. Interrupting the Bad Streaks

Have you had stretches where you feel like you are in a rut or a funk? You keep coming around the corner while running, or reloading, or looking the other way? There is never an excuse to quit on your teammates if you are not playing to your potential. You need to figure out what is going wrong and how you can fix it. Here is how you should approach a bad streak of games.

Review Your Deathcams

If the game is not going your way, take the time to review every one of your deathcams. Learn as much about the people you are playing, their approaches and killing methods, then translate that knowledge into your class selection and map movement.

Should You Stay or Should You Go

Once you get out of that game ask yourself if you should continue to play public matches or if (you watched your deathcams right?) you think that you need to go into a private bot match and practice your fundamentals. Make the decision to stay or go.


If you do decide to go back to the basics, take three minutes to watch your last game in theater mode. After watching half of the replay you should have a feel for what you were doing wrong. Grab a piece of paper and write down the top two things you were doing wrong. Then run through a game or two practicing with bots and focusing on just those two things. Rack up some kills on a smaller map with the bots, then go back into public matchmaking with some momentum.


If you decide to stick with the lobby or the public matches, make sure you are taking the time to work on the fundamentals you identified in your deathcams. It still might be useful to write down and work on the top two things you identify as causing your deaths. If the opposing team is racking up scorestreaks or outnumbers you greatly, consider playing an indoor game by going from one inside position to another.


If neither you nor your team is performing well, do not be a lemming. Stop going to the place you last died, stop trying to get revenge on the opponent who is owning you. Focus on your fundamentals and play a game focused on defense with some kills. When you are playing badly, start focusing on the deaths and you will be up to an average playstreak in no time.

Keep your chin up and keep working on those skills. I will be.

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