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New Beginnings

With Summer here, Call of Duty Ghosts announced, and new platforms coming, it is good to reflect on our excitement for new things. One thing we all love to do is look forward to new things: New Year’s, birthdays, new updates, new games and yes, new consoles. Last week Xbox One was announced. When the Playstation 4 is unveiled we will have a whole lot of new content to look forward to. But what is that going to give us?The Call of Duty Elite tracker keeps players motivated to return to the game and complete pending challenges. Read more ›

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Happy Double Weapon XP Weekend

Racking the slide on the FAL in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on the Slums map in honor of Double Weapon XP Weekend.

Let’s lock and load for Double Weapon XP Weekend

In celebration of Double Weapon XP Weekend, we are going to put together a single playthrough of leveling up the Type-25 from 0 through max. It will probably look a lot like XBOX Ahoy’s Type-95 montage play…minus the voiceover. We were hard at work this morning leveling that Type-25 up. Why the Type-25? It was one of the weapons we still had locked. Come to think of it… leaving that bad boy in the gun rack for so long was a bad idea! You can bet you will see more on that weapon soon! While you wait for that goodness to go through the editing process, we wanted to give you a sampler of gun kills, courtesy of our own guest gamer: Mirkmanea. Read more ›

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Black Ops 2 Arms Race

The downside of the Black Ops 2 Arms Race variant is the increase in high level scorestreaks

Like looking up at a school of sharks…

It has been just over one week since Arms Race came onto the Black Ops 2 multiplayer scene. We were hopeful that the additional points per kill would result in some insane scorestreaks and padded kills over deaths. What seems to have happened is quite the opposite in many cases, with Team Deathmatch KD ratios dropping by up to 16% in our small group of players and friends. Today we review the Treyarch playlist innovation that is Black Ops 2 Arms Race, what makes it tick, and how you can improve your kill death ratio with this exciting new game variant. Read more ›

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Black Ops 2 Update For XBOX 360

If you log in to Xbox Live today you may see a new Black Ops 2 update come through. Up until a little while ago, we never thought much of it. Oops is an understatement. Knowing what has changed during these updates can make a huge difference to your Call of Duty kill death ratio. Getting the jump on other players who may take longer to figure out the changes is a huge advantage to boosting your call of duty ratio. Read more ›

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Improve Your Kill Death Ratio: Cut the Pie

Sidestepping is almost good - but still opens you to enemies.

Sidestepping is almost good – but still opens you to enemies.

We give you a lot of tools to improve your kill death ratio in Black Ops 2 and really in any other first person shooter game. We are super excited to give you one more tool: tactical movement. Tactical movement is one of the best ways to increase your kills and reduce your deaths in Black Ops 2. In previous posts we told you where to play on the map. Tactical movement will help you move from place to place in the map. While we were at Front Sight, Nevada we learned a little about real-life tactical movement. Cutting the pie was a key fundamental to this.

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Triad of Shooting For Better Kill Death Ratios

Speed power and accuracy, managed properly, will improve your kill death ratio

The Triad of Shooting: Speed, Power, and Accuracy

As a player, you bring three elements to every encounter you have in Call of Duty, Black Ops 2. Mastering the combination of these three elements will help you improve your kill death ratio and become a better Call of Duty player. There are many more elements you can influence to create situations of advantage, but there are three you have in every confrontation:

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Accuracy

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