Hibernation… BetterKD Waking Up With A Hangover?

Ghosts? Ohhhh, my head.

I feel like I had one too many, and I had this gnarly dream. I was playing this Call of Duty franchise game that just didn’t feel right. I died too quickly, the overpowered weapon kept changing (and it was never mine), and just about the time I started to get the hang of how to best play Call of Duty: Ghosts… I woke up.

And I’m sorry. I went rogue. I built some awesome tools for stats analysis in Black Ops 2. They were really helpful for a lot of people. Then, Activision shut down Elite. No BO2 stats, no BO2 API (which would have made our tools awesome), and oh, no support for Ghosts stats.

I went off and built some online web applications, I crawled back into my job and something else happened.

I stopped playing Ghosts. When I went back to play Call of Duty, it was to play Black Ops 2. The next post I come up with will explain a little of what happened to make me stop playing Ghosts. And it will mark a new purpose for BetterKD. Still for good, and still for improvement in COD. I’m pretty excited (and hopeful) about Advanced Warfare.

So keep your hope up for BetterKD.com, I will.

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