Black Ops 2 Update For XBOX 360

If you log in to Xbox Live today you may see a new Black Ops 2 update come through. Up until a little while ago, we never thought much of it. Oops is an understatement. Knowing what has changed during these updates can make a huge difference to your Call of Duty kill death ratio. Getting the jump on other players who may take longer to figure out the changes is a huge advantage to boosting your call of duty ratio.

Top Changes from this Patch:

Arms Race is a new bonus game type for Xbox Live Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Multiplayer

Arms Race: Scorestreak Heaven?

Arms Race TDM

The Arms Race TDM variant sounds really interesting. You score an extra 50 pts for every kill, which can get you a starting killstreak at 100 to 200 points higher than your regular slot one scorestreak. For more on calculating a scorestreak strategy, we had a series in early March on Optimizing Your Scorestreaks. Check in with us in a day or so for more strategies on how to rack up huge kill death ratios with this game type!

We all know connections are tough…

Post-match Connection Quality Survey

“A sampling of players” will get this at the end of their match. Make sure you fill these out if you see them. It sounds like a really great idea to capture in-game and post game data on connection issues for future fixes. We all know that with Call of Duty Black Ops 2 connection troubles, they could use all the help we can give them as a community.

Other Updates

In some cases the last player alive in Search & Destroy was not receiving defuse points when they defused the bomb. With this new patch, that should be resolved.

The update also “reverted global spawn influencer change from previous game update due to undesireable side effects.” – Huh? Going back further in their notes, it seems they tweaked the influencers in the April 10 update, but have reverted back to original settings. If you have made any changes to your play style to adjust for spawining–you may want to switch your style up to make sure everything is still working!

No new changes to weapons, damage or accuracy. So good news on all fronts. Enjoy the new Arms Race game variant, and keep working on your skills. We will be!

If you want to read the patch notes in more detail, the Activision website has a detailed list of changes.

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