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Ever Look At The Final Scoreboard and Wonder What You Need To Be Doing Differently to Get More Kills, More Score, and Fewer Deaths? 

Watch out! More hours of playing will not make you better.
There are so many YouTube channels, forums, and Reddit posts out there that it can be  overwhelming and will probably leave you frustrated and feeling behind the curve.
We decided to quit making excuses and start getting better at Call of Duty. We are taking the time to find the tactics and strategies that work, so that you can become a better Call of Duty player.
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“After doing all the reading i can from the page here i decided to reset my stats on BO2 to try and up my k/d. After some matches i have hit 1.45 k/d and i want to thank you for all the info you have been posting on the site. It’s helped a lot!” -Justin Smith

This blog has been very helpful to me lately. my KD has not been negative since i started reading the blog and it just keeps going up. Thank you.”-Anthony Groce