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Why Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies is Just What COD Zombies Needed

A more suitable title for this might be “How Bill Campbell Opened My Eyes to the Joys of Zombie Slaying.” In either case, we’re talking a pretty big post title. Let’s start with the first title. COD Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies

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Hibernation… BetterKD Waking Up With A Hangover?

Ghosts? Ohhhh, my head. I feel like I had one too many, and I had this gnarly dream. I was playing this Call of Duty franchise game that just didn’t feel right. I died too quickly, the overpowered weapon kept changing (and it was

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Ghosts – Post 1

I know that after a post like hibernationmode deactivated on Facebook, you probably would have expected more to come in the past month since Ghosts was released. I might try to explain my hiatus after a few posts back in

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Facebook Likes Over 200 – Time for a Giveaway

Head Over To Our Facebook Page & Enter to Win A Controller

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Max Your Double XP Weekend

Activision and Treyarch announced Double XP weekend for Black Ops 2 this weekend. How are you going to maximize your weekend? Our tips for maximizing your XP will have you levling, prestigeing, and unlocking in no time! Following our tips

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Growth in Gaming: Call of Duty

New Beginnings With Summer here, Call of Duty Ghosts announced, and new platforms coming, it is good to reflect on our excitement for new things. One thing we all love to do is look forward to new things: New Year’s, birthdays,

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