Purchase Personal Player Report

Purchase Levels

Pick the purchase that is right for you and your objectives: 

  • You can buy one report at the “One Time” level below. You get everything advertised on the previous page.
  • When you buy your report at the “Partner” level, you get everything advertised on the previous page PLUS you may request up to one additional report every month for the next year.*
  • When you buy your report at the “Competitor” level, you are entitled to the benefits of the “Partner” level PLUS a free report pull of any future report that we develop.**

To order below:

Select your purchase level, the console/network that you are on, and enter the Live Gamertag or PSN ID you want reported! Please note that we cannot do personalized reports for PC users at this time, as Elite does not support the PC.

Product Level:
PSN ID or GamerTag to Report:


*Partners and Competitor Level customers can order additional Personal Player Reports up to once a month for one year after purchase for the discounted price of $5 per report. That’s a value of $154 for only an additional $10! All future report options are subject to the availability of statistics through Call of Duty Elite™. Please note, all subsequent reports must be for the same PSN ID or GamerTag. If you need to track two GamerTags/PSN IDs, you will need to buy two reports at the “One Time Level”. If you want two GamerTag/PSN ID reports at any additional level, those additional levels must be selected at the time of purchase.

**Competitor Level customers can order any future reports we create for FREE. (A new game will likely come out, in November. As long as Elite has stats for it, we will have a personalized skills report for you.) Do not even ask how much this is worth – our accountants are going to kill us!