Year: 2014

Mic is in Charge – Coordinate Team Play With Strangers

I’ve been playing a lot of Titanfall and Halo 4 these past few weeks. For reasons unknown, my evaluation copy of Advanced Warfare didn’t materialize, but I’ve had some jetpack equipped game time nonetheless. I was firing up some objective

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Titanfall & Advanced Warfare Verticality & The Red Zone:

I’ve been getting excited about the upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare verticality game play opportunities presented by the exo-suit, I’ve been playing a lot of Titanfall, and I’m thinking back to Halo:Reach and Halo 4 multi-player gameplay. The new game mechanics

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Hibernation… BetterKD Waking Up With A Hangover?

Ghosts? Ohhhh, my head. I feel like I had one too many, and I had this gnarly dream. I was playing this Call of Duty franchise game that just didn’t feel right. I died too quickly, the overpowered weapon kept changing (and it was

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