Month: May 2013

Growth in Gaming: Call of Duty

New Beginnings With Summer here, Call of Duty Ghosts announced, and new platforms coming, it is good to reflect on our excitement for new things. One thing we all love to do is look forward to new things: New Year’s, birthdays,

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Happy Double Weapon XP Weekend

In celebration of Double Weapon XP Weekend, we are going to put together a single playthrough of leveling up the Type-25 from 0 through max. It will probably look a lot like XBOX Ahoy’s Type-95 montage play…minus the voiceover. We

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Black Ops 2 Arms Race

It has been just over one week since Arms Race came onto the Black Ops 2 multiplayer scene. We were hopeful that the additional points per kill would result in some insane scorestreaks and padded kills over deaths. What seems

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