Month: April 2013

Black Ops 2 Update For XBOX 360

If you log in to Xbox Live today you may see a new Black Ops 2 update come through. Up until a little while ago, we never thought much of it. Oops is an understatement. Knowing what has changed during these

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Improve Your Kill Death Ratio: Cut the Pie

We give you a lot of tools to improve your kill death ratio in Black Ops 2 and really in any other first person shooter game. We are super excited to give you one more tool: tactical movement. Tactical movement is

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Triad of Shooting For Better Kill Death Ratios

As a player, you bring three elements to every encounter you have in Call of Duty, Black Ops 2. Mastering the combination of these three elements will help you improve your kill death ratio and become a better Call of

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Improving KD Ratios at Font Sight, Nevada

A few of us have the good fortune of spending the day at Front Sight, a firearms training school in Pahrump, Nevada. We just completed day two of a four day handgun training course, and have been furiously taking notes

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Where Series: Raid Part 3 – SMG

This is the third part of our Where Series on Raid. In this part, we cover SMG and mid to short range play areas. A great way to easily improve your kill death ratio is to know where exactly you

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