Why Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies is Just What COD Zombies Needed

Exo Zombies' Lennox, Played by Bill CampbellA more suitable title for this might be “How Bill Campbell Opened My Eyes to the Joys of Zombie Slaying.” In either case, we’re talking a pretty big post title. Let’s start with the first title. COD Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies has done wonders for my zombie playint experience in the COD “world”. I’m sucked back into the storyline of zombies. So far they haven’t thrown any weird z’s into the map names to throw me off. And, perhaps most importantly, I can survive past level 10 thanks to my SUPER SUIT! Read more ›

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Does Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Make You Better At Math?

This attachment adds two to accuracy, but takes away one from mobility.

This weapon variant has plus two to damage, but range is down by one.

You have a pick 13 option, with each selection taking one-thirteenth of your loadout.

You can make your turret an auto sentry turret, but it will cost an extra +200 score to get there.

Your KD ratio is inversely proportionate to how much time you spend pwning the other team.

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Mic is in Charge – Coordinate Team Play With Strangers

I’ve been playing a lot of Titanfall and Halo 4 these past few weeks. For reasons unknown, my evaluation copy of Advanced Warfare didn’t materialize, but I’ve had some jetpack equipped game time nonetheless. I was firing up some objective games today, and through all of them only one of us had a mic. (It wasn’t me.) I know normally when I’m playing with a bunch of strangers, we end up playing a bunch of lone wolf stuff and occasionally lining up a strategy. It’s usually more of an accident than anything else. So what do you do in this situation? Read more ›

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Titanfall & Advanced Warfare Verticality & The Red Zone:

I’ve been getting excited about the upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare verticality game play opportunities presented by the exo-suit, I’ve been playing a lot of Titanfall, and I’m thinking back to Halo:Reach and Halo 4 multi-player gameplay. The new game mechanics of Titanfall, Halo and Advanced Warfare offers a lot of new verticality options. Today I want to share Titanfall, Halo and Advanced Warfare verticality’s influence on the red zone.

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Hibernation… BetterKD Waking Up With A Hangover?

Ghosts? Ohhhh, my head.

I feel like I had one too many, and I had this gnarly dream. I was playing this Call of Duty franchise game that just didn’t feel right. I died too quickly, the overpowered weapon kept changing (and it was never mine), and just about the time I started to get the hang of how to best play Call of Duty: Ghosts… I woke up.

And I’m sorry. I went rogue. I built some awesome tools for stats analysis in Black Ops 2. They were really helpful for a lot of people. Then, Activision shut down Elite. No BO2 stats, no BO2 API (which would have made our tools awesome), and oh, no support for Ghosts stats.

I went off and built some online web applications, I crawled back into my job and something else happened.

I stopped playing Ghosts. When I went back to play Call of Duty, it was to play Black Ops 2. The next post I come up with will explain a little of what happened to make me stop playing Ghosts. And it will mark a new purpose for BetterKD. Still for good, and still for improvement in COD. I’m pretty excited (and hopeful) about Advanced Warfare.

So keep your hope up for BetterKD.com, I will.

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Ghosts – Post 1

I know that after a post like hibernationmode deactivated on Facebook, you probably would have expected more to come in the past month since Ghosts was released. I might try to explain my hiatus after a few posts back in the game. Bottom line: we will be going for shorter posts, and they may not be as consistent as you or I might like.

If you’ve been playing Ghosts for a while now, you have already experienced a jarring learning curve between Black Ops II and Ghosts. Having not transitioned from MW3 to Ghosts directly, I am not sure if it is just the Infinity Ward – Treyarch transition, the weapon mix, or other mechanics that are making adjustment a challenge for most players.

You should pay attention to three things early on to ensure a smooth(er) transition to Ghosts. Read more ›

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